2031 is story driven RPG game with struggle for survival for original Nintendo GAMEBOY. Gather supplies, defend your self from raiders and animals, discover new places, help others or be the bad guy, or just buy your own house and grow your own food. What is your choice?

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Release Date: 2022

Language: English

Platform: Gameboy cartridge

digital release, USB Flash drive

#RPG #Survival #story #Pixel Art

Development of Year 2031 started in actual year 2020,

when the Corona virus arrived to the Europe.

From the beginning, it was just another virus, but very soon, people started panicking.

People bough out shops, borders of the countries were closed, quaranteen started… and I was thinking, how far it gets.

Because I was stuck at home, just watching TV, I started working on the game.

I decided, it is going to be post apocalyptic Gameboy game, from the world after unknown virus.

World where society collapsed and people struggle.

World where you need to survive.

Corona the game is story driven post apocalyptic Gameboy game.

  • Game where you can discover the world, based on Eastern Europe.
  • Takl with people and know their story.
  • Join several fractions to get a job.
  • Gather supplies.
  • Defend yourself against raiders and animals.
  • Help others or be the bad guy.
  • Buy your own house and grow your own food.
  • Do not forget, your decisions matter.

Game is going to be released on physical cartridges in box with manual and digitally

The game is working on all Gameboy generations and gameboy emulators

Because the game is made for all Gameboy generations,

on older Gameboys game runs with 4 basic colors.

But with clever use of color paletes, you can enjoy up to 11 colors on devices with color screens.

In game you need to collect basic resources to help you survive.

Tools and Equipment to help you with various tasks.

Achievents for in game evaluation and to know your progress

Ritch and detailed world full of unique locations is based on Eastern Europe.

You can walk freely and find locations as mountains, caves, villages, cities…

In this world, you always know, where to go, or you see something worth to discover.

I am Čestmír, Indie game developer from Czech republic.

I grow up playing Game boy consoles and it somehow stuck with me.

Few years ago, I started collecting gameboys and games and realize, I already played all the good clasic games.

So I started modding gameboys and enjoying everything arroud it.

One day, on the beginning of year 2020 news papers started talking about the virus.

Not long after it, I got stuck at home in caranteen as many other people.

At that time, I had a lot of time to play gameboy games and idea stuct me.

I could do my own game.

So I started working on it.

Since then, I am creating post-apo gameboy game with open world.

System Requirements


Original GAMEBOY or Gameboy emulator


GAMEBOY Advance SP or gameboy emulator

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