I am Čestmír, an Indie game developer from the Czech Republic. I grew up playing Gameboy consoles, and they stuck with me. A few years ago, I started collecting Gameboys and games and realized that I had already played all the good classic games. So, I started modding Gameboys, and I enjoyed everything that entailed. One day, at the beginning of 2020, I started creating games for the original Gameboy.

The rich and detailed world full of unique locations is based on Eastern Europe. Gather supplies, defend your self from raiders and animals, find locations such as mountains, caves, villages, and cities. Or just buy your own house and grow your own food. In this world, you always know where to go, or you can find something worth discovering.

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Year 2031 Digital
Year 2031 – Digital Version
Year 2031 – Cartridge
Year 2031 – Full box Version

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