Year 2031 – Cartridge


The rich and detailed world full of unique locations is based on Eastern Europe. You can walk freely and find locations such as mountains, caves, villages, and cities. In this world, you always know where to go, or you can find something worth discovering.


The year 2021 started like every other year.

Soon, messages about a new virus started coming.

It started on the other side of the world, but in a few months, the virus reached Europe.

Soon, no one was safe.

Governments started closing their borders, closing factories, everything to stop the virus.

People started losing their jobs and then their houses…the economy collapsed.

That led to hunger, problems with food supplies appeared, and people started to rebel.

Then, all of society collapsed…

Discover the world 10 years later: A world full of new adventures, puzzles, and locations.

The ultimate early 90’s handheld gaming experience with a modern touch.

The Year 2031 game file is playable on every device that supports the original Gameboy or any emulator.

System Requirements


Original GAMEBOY or Gameboy emulator


GAMEBOY Advance SP or gameboy emulator


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